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This Selected Slide Rules section offers a very nice selection of mainly new slide rules of many types, with easy ordering. This section is particularly useful for anyone looking for a gift or for special deals. Please look though the several pages of slide rules to see the wide variety of rules and prices offered. And if you need a large number of a particular slide rule, please use the Questions and Wants button at the top of this page to request special pricing.

Star 130 Circular Slide Rule, New in Box with Case and Manual

A 4 1/4 inch diameter circular slide rule. A good working size. Complete with box, case, and instructions. White plastic on metal disk.

Scales: K, A, D [C, CI, EI]
L, DI, D, tan, tan, sin, tan, tan & sin

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Pickett B1, Bamboo-Based Rule

Pickett sold only this one bamboo slide rule, a great collector's item. White laminate on bamboo. The rule is new, in its original plastic sleeve. There is no case.

Scales: LL0-, L, K, A [B, Cos/S, SecT/ST, T/T, C] D, two square root scales, LL0+
LL1-,LL2-, LL3-, DF [CF, CIF, CI, C] D, LL3+, LL2+, LL1+

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20 Inch Slide Rules, Various Makers

Many slide rule makers produced long, 20 inch versions of some of their models. While not as convenient to carry as the standard 10 inch rules, the longer rules offered greater accuracy.

I have many varieties of 20 inch slide rules, which make great collectables, gifts, or user rules. A few examples are shown below. If you are interested, please click on the Questions and Wants button at the top of the page and ask for details.

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A very nice Nestler rule at a modest price. New in box with German manual.

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Ricoh 105 Rule, New in Box with Case and English Instructions

The Ricoh 105 rule is a very nicely made, standard, white-laminate on bamboo rule, complete, new in box, with case and English instructions.

Scales: K, A [B, CI, C] D, L
On the back of the slide [S, S&T, T]
On the top beveled edge, a 25 cm scale.
Various equivalent measures on the back of the rule.

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Chairman Mao, Chinese Slide Rule, Very Advanced Model, New in Box, with Self-Documenting Scales and Chinese Manual

This new-in-box, Chinese slide rule was made during the Cultural Revolution and is labeled, in Chinese, "Worker, Peasant, and Soldier." The text on the box also says, "Double-Sided Rule," "Auxiliary Feature: For Radio Electricians," and "Tian Jin Slide Rules "

The box further features a saying of Chairman Mao, which translates as: "We, the Chinese people, have the gumption of fighting our enemy to the bitter end; the determination to restore the faded glory with our own two hands; the ability to gain our standing amongst the rest of the peoples of the world."

This is not only a fine, heavy-duty, 23-scale rule with metal end braces, but it is also a piece of history, representing the post WWII, Chairman Mao era in China.

The rule includes a manual in Chinese. In addition, the scales on the rule are self-documenting (they are labeled not only by name, but also by the actual mathematical function they represent). Therefore, almost any good English slide rule manual can be used to learn how to use the scales.

The cases vary in color, but the rules are the same.

Here is a chance to own a new, 40-year-old piece of history, even as China evolves into a world economic power.

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Pickett N3-ES, New

A Pickett N3-ES, new in original plastic sleeve. No case. Yellow on aluminum.

Scales: Two square root, K, A [B, ST, S, T, T, CI, C] D, DI, three cube root
LLO, LL1, DF [CF, CIF, Ln, L, CI, C] D, LL2, LL3

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K+E Deci-Lon 68 1100 and 68 1130

One of the last K+E slide rules made, the Deci-Lon is still used by many people who enjoy the high-end of the old technology. I have a number of very nice, used versions of this heavy white plastic, 10 inch rule, as well as several of the 5 inch, pocket versions, the 68 1130. I also have hard cover manuals for the rules. If you are interested, please let me know, using the Questions and Wants button at the top of the page.

Scales: Ln-3, Ln-2, Ln-1, Ln-0, A [B, T, SRT, S, C] D, DI, K
Sq1, Sq2, DF [CF, CIF, L, CI, C] D, Ln0, Ln1, Ln2, Ln3

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